Vaping in Public: Is It Okay?

Posted by Mistic ECigs and PVs on Dec 26, 2016, 5:00:00 AM

Vaping in Public: Is It Okay?

Now that the vape scene has taken off and spread to countries throughout the globe, many wonder if it’s okay to vape in public from both a courtesy and legal perspective. And these are very valid questions.
The fact is, laws greatly differ from country to country and even down to the local level, so it’s impossible to say if vaping in public is acceptable where you live. However, one thing to always consider is the comfort of others.

The vape community is overwhelmingly positive and we must all work together to keep it that way, and sometimes that requires compromises. If you are in public and feel compelled to blow big clouds (which is always awesome) just take a moment to think about your surroundings and how it may impact others.

For example, if you’re eating at a nice restaurant on the beach and someone is smoking a cigar next to you, you may not like the smell. You can be relaxing at a park to enjoy the outdoors and someone is blasting music, which totally kills the vibe.

The point is, you should always follow laws as well as enjoy vaping without alienating others. As long as you consider the people around you and make decisions based on that, vaping in public is totally acceptable.

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