Vaping on E-Juice Flavors You Don’t Like: A Way to Scale Back?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jul 11, 2018, 9:22:26 PM

When we all think of vaping delicious flavors like berry, melon, java, custard and all sorts of other e-juices come to mind, but one topic that we’ve seen come up a few times is vaping on flavors you don’t like as a way to scale back. It’s an interesting topic that we thought we’d look at.

For one, a lot of people that vape started their journey transitioning away from smoking cigarettes – they like the feeling of inhaling and also want to quench their body’s thirst for nicotine but were done smoking. And vaping provides very similar sensations, which is why so many people made the move.

A portion of those that transitioned to vaping would also like to scale down their vaping by incrementally lowering the nicotine levels in the e-juices they’re using. That’s definitely one way to go and another is to vape on e-juices that aren’t particularly appealing to you. I know it may sound crazy but there’s rational behind it.

Here’s one way to look at it: As much as you love Aunt Betty her carrot cake is absolutely disgusting and you have a few bites to make her happy but have developed a dislike for carrot cake (and fear of hers). If you’re trying to cut back on calories and the only dessert on the table you fear, you’ll probably end up skipping dessert and the same applies to vaping.

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