Vaping: One of the Hottest Trends on Social Media

Posted by Mistic ECigs and PVs on Oct 24, 2016, 8:59:55 AM

Vaping: One of the Hottest Trends on Social Media

There are certain things that take the world by storm and after being a part of the vape movement since the beginning we can see how vaping has transformed everything from pop culture to our daily lives. Part of this is rooted in technology, however social media has also played an integral role.

We all know photos of food and cars are social media gold as well as many other hot topics (travel, memes, etc.), and a few years ago a drastic shift occurred. As the popularity of vaping began to skyrocket and become more adopted by the masses, it started to spillover into other areas. For example, people wouldn’t just post a photo of a delicious burger, they would showcase it next to their box mod. A shot of an awesome car with a cloud of vapor looked so much cooler.

As time went on, the vape train showed no sign of letting up and even until this day it’s moving ahead at full-steam. Social media plays a key role in this and it’s the community, primarily organized via social media, that continues to drive demand and innovation.

To put things in perspective, looking at Instagram as an example, there are 11,340,000 posts tagged with #cheese whereas the #vape hashtag has 11,127,000. Cheese and vape have nearly the same level of activity/interest, which is amazing to see.

At Mistic, we are proud to be involved in the vape community to help guide its direction and have focused on innovation to not just make the products of today, but also tomorrow. Our Mistic 2.0 Pod Mod is a testament to that.


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