Vapor Talk: Celebrating the Vaping Community

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Dec 16, 2014 2:52:00 PM

Vape Talk with Mistic E Cigs' CEO John Wiesehan, Jr

By John Wiesehan, Jr., CEO of Mistic Electronic Cigarettes

As 2014 comes to a close, the vapor industry has much to celebrate, as e-cigs and personal vaporizers continue to attract the attention of millions of smokers worldwide.

The great news is the category is still growing and is expected to reach nearly $3 billion this year alone, with PVs, tanks and mods a big catalyst driving sales. Innovation also is helping advance the marketplace, like the new Mistic Bridge™ with HAUS™ technology, our latest generation of e-cig rechargeables that combines the flexibility of an open tank system with the convenience of a cigarette-like configuration.

On the regulatory side, the FDA this year released its proposed rule on the manufacturing and marketing of e-cig and vapor products. We commended the agency’s efforts to establish a science-based regulatory framework, which we believe is important to help move the industry forward.  In fact, we have taken many of the steps that would be required under the deeming process, such as publishing our ingredients and including warnings about underage usage and nicotine use.  

We continue to work with industry leaders to help establish an open, salient dialogue around regulations concerning e-cig and vapor products, including our response to the FDA’s proposed rule during its public comment period.


the FDA this year released its proposed rule on the manufacturing and marketing of e-cig and vapor products. We commended the agency’s efforts to establish a science-based regulatory framework

—John Wiesehan, Jr.

Coincidentally, I have the distinct pleasure of serving on the board of directors of the TMA, the non-profit trade association for the tobacco industry, and leading source for global tobacco and nicotine information.  Over the past six months, we’ve been working on providing forums for education and dialogue on issues of interest to public health, government and the global tobacco industry.

One significant highlight this year we are most proud of is that Mistic became the first national independent e-cig brand to move all of its production and assembly from overseas to the U.S. This is an important step in elevating the standard of quality for e-cigs and vapor production. We hope others in the industry will follow. 

We also recognize vaping culture and the community it serves.  That’s why we recently created #VapeDay2015, an awareness campaign for the entire vaping community, designed to educate family, friends and colleagues about the benefits of e-cigs and personal vaporizers. We’re hoping this becomes an annual event and have invited vapers and smokers everywhere, as well as other e-cig manufacturers and local vape shops to share in its spirit.

So yes, there is much to celebrate. We’re excited about 2015 and will continue to advance our brand promise of quality, taste and value to vapers everywhere, and to all those who want a significant alternative to traditional cigarettes, such as e-cigs and vaporizers.

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