Vapor Talk: More Choices of E-Cigs Will Grow the Vapor Category

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Jul 2, 2014 10:17:00 AM Comments


By John Wiesehan, Jr., CEO of Mistic Electronic Cigarettes

If the digital age has taught business anything, it’s that change is fast and change is constant. The vaping industry seems to be no different, and the rise of the personal vaporizer (PV) is bringing a whole new opportunity to the marketplace.

Vaping is on the rise, without a doubt, and many e-cigarette users are also intrigued by open tank systems like the Haus Personal Vaporizer by Mistic. Although it’s still very early in the game, from where we sit, our PV has been the talk of the industry and retailers are ecstatic that initial sales have been so positive.

For certain consumers, the personal vaporizer has attractive advantages over e-cigarettes, which are now being called cig-alikes to avoid confusion between the two configurations.

Because personal vaporizers come in a variety of sizes and forms, they allow vapers more control of how and what they vape. The batteries are larger and last longer, delivering more vapor than regular e-cigs. Vapers also have the ability to enjoy a variety of e-liquid blends with personal vaporizers.


stores carrying personal vaporizers actually increase total sales of e-cigs and cig-alike products by 20-45%

—John Wiesehan, Jr.

Even though the PV has slowed down the rapid sales growth of cig-alikes, the opportunity for both electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers remains strong. Our research shows that stores carrying personal vaporizers actually increase total sales of e-cigs and cig-alike products by 20-45%.

This is primarily due to the varied demographic makeup of traditional smokers. While some prefer something more similar to an actual cigarette, others see personal vaporizers as a significant alternative that offers more user control.

It really comes down to consumer preference. E-cig companies that are able to offer brands that cater to both segments will be the true winners in the broader category, improving the overall vaping experience for all kinds of vapers by providing more options that cater to each of their individual needs.

Change is indeed coming fast, and the industry will continue to evolve as regulation, technology, and consumer demands shape the future of vaping. What’s certain is that vaping is and will continue to be an attractive alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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