Vaporizer Pens Mean You Can Recharge Less

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Dec 11, 2015 3:48:14 PM

Vaporizer Pens Mean You Can Recharge Less

Although they’re a cheaper alternative to traditional cigarettes, standard e cigs aren’t always convenient. Not only are they limited in flavor, but they also need to be recharged every 2 days, a process that typically takes up to 5 hours per battery. Instead of waiting to vape, you might want to try out to a personal vaporizer like the HAUS vaporizer pen. They’re refillable, easy to transport, and have twice the battery power of a normal e cig. That means you get a great vape for your buck while recharging less frequently.


Unlike standard e cigs, vape pens don’t need to be recharged every other day. Instead, they use a powerful 650-milliamp lithium ion battery, which ensures that you can experience longer, more satisfying vaping. Whether you’re mowing the lawn or watching the latest game, you can enjoy our flavorful e juices without needing to recharge as often or carry an extra battery.

Forget Your Charger

A vaporizer pen is an especially great solution for people who usually leave (or forget) their chargers at home. Thanks to their longer lifespans, vape pens can last for hours while you’re busy running errands or hanging out with friends. Since our vape pens are compatible with a USB charger, you can even plug them into your car as you drive around town, charging them in about an hour without the need to drive home. 

Maximize Your Battery Life

To get the most out of your vaporizer pen, you should always charge a new battery before using it. You can also maximize your battery’s lifespan by charging it before it’s fully drained, as well as by removing it from the charger as soon as its power indicator light has turned green.

When you choose a Mistic vaporizer pen, you’re not only guaranteed superior performance, but also a longer battery lifespan than any other e-cig product.


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