Vaporizer Pens: The Ultimate Tool for Low-key Vaping

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jan 1, 2016 4:38:00 PM

Vaporizer Pens are prefect for stealth vaping

Not everyone likes being the center of attention... especially when vaping. But with the right vaping device, you can take a puff just about anywhere—without anybody even noticing.

Vape pens make the perfect solution for “stealth vaping” when you want to be discreet. When you don’t want a giant vapor cloud and you don’t want to look like you’re smoking a cigarette, these devices fit the bill—especially a sleek, lightweight unit like the HAUS personal vaporizer. They are the best vape pen for beginners or veteran vapers to go stealth mode!

Why Vaporizer Pens are Perfect for “Stealth Vaping”

With their tiny size, you can slip a vape pen in and out of your pocket - it’s super easy to carry around or hide away when you need it. And when you want a puff, you just need to press a button.

Our HAUS vape pen makes it easy to go into stealth mode:

  • There’s no light at the tip. A soft blue light shines from the button you press—and you can easily conceal it with your hand.
  • HAUS e liquid has a satisfying “throat hit” like smoking, but doesn't produce a giant vapor plume.
  • E cigs have the look and feel of regular cigarettes, but they turn heads in places where tobacco is prohibited. Nobody will confuse a vape pen for a cigarette.
  • Many vaping devices basically look like giant hookahs! You don’t want a giant, flashy metal device that attracts attention. 
  • You can carry a vape pen in your pocket or wear it on a lanyard inside your coat. It’s big enough to easily find it in the bottom of a purse, but small enough to avoid attention.

Tons of Enjoyment in a Small Package

Vape pens are called “pens” because they're similar in size and shape to a nice ballpoint pen. The compact device features a powerful and long-lasting battery with a large tank that holds plenty of e liquid.

With a slim profile and enough juice to outlast e cigs, vape pens can provide many days of vaping pleasure before you have to refill or recharge. That’s a ton of vaping, right in the palm of your hand—and almost nobody will know!

New to vaping? Try our sleek HAUS vaporizer pen today!


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