Get the Widest Variety of Flavor Choices with Vape Mods

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Feb 17, 2016 4:49:17 PM

Flavor Choices with Vape Mods

Experienced vapers enjoy using mods for a variety of reasons. They’re comfortable and easy to use, they can be conveniently recharged after hours of vaping, and they have adjustable airflow and wattage to ensure that you enjoy a vape tailored to your tastes. Better still, vape mods also provide the widest variety of flavor options. Whether you want a vape juice that’s as rich as your morning coffee or prefer one that packs a berry-centric punch, mods open the door to countless delectable flavors.

Go Sweet

Apple, Cherry, and Grape are classic flavors, but at HAUS, we take this familiar sweetness a step further. Where other brands offer only one or two fruity vape juices, we bring you several options, from favorites like juicy Berry and Watermelon to more exotic choices, like Mango and tangy Havana. When you use a vape mod, you can fill your tank with your preferred taste and be transported to the sweet island dream you’ve always imagined.  

Go Bold

Of course, if you’re looking for something bolder in flavor, we’ve got other premium vape juices that will positively thrill your taste buds. Our Java e juice is a popular choice with our customers, known for its depth of flavor and freshly brewed nuances. Our HAUS Craft Collection vape juices are unique and flavorful options with a decadent twist. The slightly toasted, milky notes of Moon Milk deliver a creamy coconut experience, while Sweet Voo-Dew bursts with juicy, honey-like undertones.

Go Wild 

If you really want to walk on the wild side, check out our line of exotic flavors in UNBROKEN. Featuring rare botanical extracts sourced directly from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, each of these five vape juices delivers a lush and savory experience. Aurora, for example, derives from the tart and earthy starfruit, while Rain captures the essence of the crisp, refreshing Cupuacu fruit. Whichever you choose, you’ll take your taste buds on an adventure.

In many ways, mods are the key to unlocking the ultimate vaping experience. They’re comfortable, customizable, and allow you to try daring new flavor options. Visit our online store today to choose a mod that’s right for you, then select one of our delicious vape juices and start a new flavor journey.

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