What Are Vape Mods?

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 Vapers have more choices than ever these days, and that’s very exciting! In addition to e cigs and vape pens, a third category—vape mods—has become very popular in recent years. 

Mods have a bigger tank, bigger battery and more customization options. Longtime vapers often enjoy using a vape mod at home, while still using e cigs or vape pens when outside the house.

A Brief History of Mods

The “mod” in vape mods is short for “modified device.” Years ago, standard e cigs (the ones that look like traditional cigarettes) were pretty much the only option in the mainstream market. 

Some vapers found alternative ways to experiment with flavors and voltage levels by connecting flashlight batteries to e liquid tanks. These modified flashlights were the first vape mods.

Today, you can buy mods that are ready to use straight out of the box. You can also find mod kits that let you choose between various types of tanks and batteries.

Mods go by many names, such as mechanical mods or advanced personal vaporizers. Any vaping device that isn’t an e cig or vape pen can be called a mod. 

Vaping With Mods

Like vape pens, a mod consists of a battery and a refillable tank. While vape pens like HAUS are slim and lightweight, vape mods come in various shapes and sizes. Mod batteries are often thick tubes or rectangular boxes, and some are too big to carry in your pocket. 

They work just like e cigs or vape pens though—press a button and inhale, and the battery heats a coil that vaporizes the juice.

Common features of vape mods include replaceable batteries, various refill methods, and “variable voltage” batteries that let the user adjust the power to increase or decrease vapor production.

Some mods are very simple while others are extremely complex with a bit of a learning curve. For instance, you can experiment with different levels of electrical resistance to affect the flavor, temperature, and vapor volume.

As you can see, mods aren’t for everyone—but they offer an enhanced level of customization and vaping power that many people might want to experiment with.

Are Vape Mods for Me?

Many people start with e cigs, then move on to vape pens, and eventually get a mod once they’re very comfortable and committed to vaping. 

You don’t have to give up your e cig or vape pen after you try using a vape mod, though—in fact, mod fans often use mods at home and e cigs or vape pens outside the house. 

Want the easiest, simplest experience? E cigs and vape pens are all you need. They’re easier to carry around and it’s simple to replace a cartridge or refill a vape pen tank.

If you want to play around with vapor volume or customize settings to get just the right combination for you, vape mods might be in your future.

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