What Are Vapor Cigarettes?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jun 20, 2016 11:00:00 AM

What Are Vapor Cigarettes?

Before buying a vapor cigarette (better known as an e cig), you probably want to know more about what they are exactly. After all, how could you really enjoy the benefits of something without knowing how it works? With vapor cigarettes, it’s all actually quite simple.

Vapor cigarettes are battery-powered alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes that produce a water-based vapor instead of smoke. When you puff on one, you get a plume of flavorful vapor that was created by very simple (but innovative) technology.

How do vapor cigarettes work?

Usually, a vapor cigarette is made up of two parts: a battery and a cartridge. The cartridge contains both the “e juice” that will be vaporized and the heating element that does the vaporizing. Within a Mistic E Cig, the vaporizer heats up e juice with a heating coil. The e juice heats up so quickly that you are able to instantly inhale and enjoy the vapor.

The other part of vapor cigarettes is the battery. Mistic’s long-lasting lithium ion battery has a glowing LED tip so you know when it’s vaporizing (and when you need to recharge!). The cartridges screw right on to the end of the battery so when you run out of e juice, all you need to do is pop on a new one and go.

More about Mistic E Cigs

Mistic e cig cartridges come in two traditional flavors, Menthol and Traditional Tobacco, both offered in several nicotine levels: the standard 1.8% and full-bodied 2.4%. With prices ranging from $7.99 for 3 ($2.66 each) to $129.99 for 60 ($2.16 each), you’ll always get great value right along with the great taste you love. 

While vapor cigarettes are a great place to start, there are other vaping products that can give you even more options. Vape pens have more flavor options and refillable tanks (in place of cartridges), while vape mods have bigger tanks and twice the battery power that vape pens have. 

Whatever option is best for you, we’re here to help. Browse our store for vapor cigarettes and other vaping products, or get in touch with our customer service to ask questions!

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