What Flavors Are Available in Craft Collection Premium E Juice?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jun 29, 2016 11:24:41 AM

What Flavors Are Available in Craft Collection Premium E Juice?

HAUS offers a variety of e juices to use in your vape pens and mods. From Cool Ice Blend to Vanilla, there’s always something to add a little twist to your puff. 

But when it comes to truly bulking up your premium vape juice collection, look no further than our Craft Collection Premium E Juices, which combine a range of singular flavors to deliver rich combinations of classic tastes. 

Here’s a tour of the HAUS Craft Collection line:

Moon Milk

With coconut and vanilla notes and a sugary caramel finish, our Moon Milk e juice is a delectably well-rounded e juice. It’s good any time of day, but is especially good after a meal in place of dessert.

Cloud Punch

If Moon Milk is creamy, the Cloud Punch Vape Juice is jammy! Packed tight with berry-centric notes and fruit overtones, it “punches” these tart flavors into every puff.

Dark Ice

The Dark Ice E Juice mixes spearmint and peppermint to give you that uplifting menthol taste. It’s cool but sweet; it’s minty but sugary; it’s fresh but classic! Try matching this one with the Shadow Cut vape juice to take menthol and tobacco to the next level.

Shadow Cut

Our tobacco-flavored Shadow Cut E Juice is nutty and roasted, topped with sweet caramel notes. Modeled after the rich taste of tobacco leaves, it captures the traditional earthy sweetness that so many people love.

Sweet Voo-Dew

Another fruity flavor, the Sweet Voo-Dew E Juice uses cantaloupe, watermelon, and other tropical melon flavors to create an uplifting flavor blast of nature’s favorites. Match this one with the Cloud Punch for a tart mix of dessert-like flavors.


Brand new to the Craft Collection lineup is a strawberry cream flavor we call Zomberry. Fresh, ripe strawberry overtones, pleasant cream, and nutty and caramel nuances make this zombie-themed vape juice a flavor to die for.

Jam Session

Another recent addition to the Craft Collection playlist, Jam Session mixes classic sweet and sour fruit flavors that will have your tastebuds rockin'. It's tart, sweet cherry combined with a luscious tropical orange and a touch of lime to create a jammed-out flavor medley... think cherry limeade, with the volume turned up to 11.

All of the Craft Collection vape juice flavors are made in the USA with a base mix of 60 VG/40 PG and 4 mg of nicotine, which lets the awesome blend of flavors stand out and delivers the nicotine punch you’re looking for. To score discount deals on products like HAUS Craft Collection Premium E Juices, sign up for our email list announcing promos and sales!

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