What Flavors are Available in Mistic E Cigs?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Feb 10, 2016 12:18:00 PM

Mistic E cig flavors

Since their official debut in 2007, electronic cigarettes have been widely enjoyed as an affordable and convenient vaping solution. With powerful lithium-ion batteries and atomizer coils, e cigs not only last for hours on end, but they can also be easily recharged after vaping. Better still, over the last few years, they’ve evolved dramatically in design. Today, e cigs are thin and lightweight, and can be adapted to suit a wide range of users.

If you’re interested in trying e cigs, it may be helpful to vape with a flavor that’s already familiar to you. Although you can eventually upgrade to a personal vaporizer with more e juice options, starting with a more neutral flavor can help to ease the transition. For this reason, we’d recommend selecting one of our classic e cig flavors, like Traditional or Menthol.


You can buy vape juice in all sorts of unexpected flavors, but few can compete with the classic taste of tobacco. Our Traditional-flavored e cig cartridges are popular among Mistic’s customers. With subtle, yet smooth earthy notes, Traditional offers a vape that’s as rich as it is timeless. For new vapers especially, Traditional can be a great flavor to start with before moving on to something more exotic.


And of course, if you prefer minty-fresh flavors, we specialize in those as well. Our e cig cartridges in Menthol offer a comforting blend of chilling spearmint and sweet peppermint. Together, these clean, cooling notes combine to deliver a taste that’s equally crisp and refreshing.

Get the Best Vape for Your Buck 

Our flavors are affordably priced, so you can purchase either (or both!) as part of a package deal. If you’re looking to get the best vape for your buck, consider buying one of our Basic E Cig Starter Kits. Each kit retails for just $14.99 and includes 2 cartridges of your preferred flavor, a fully charged battery, and a standard USB-compatible charger.

At Mistic, we pride ourselves on our reputation for great-prices and great-tasting products. With an extensive line of vaping accessories and a knowledgeable and dedicated customer service team, we’re confident that have the products to suit your individual needs.

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