What Is Propylene Glycol and Why Is It in Ecigs?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Nov 9, 2015 2:10:00 PM

What Is Propylene Glycol and Why Is It in Ecigs?

It’s natural to be curious about what you put into your body. We proudly keep a short, simple ingredient list for all Mistic Electronic Cigarettes. The vapor you inhale from our e cig liquid contains on nothing but water, nicotine, flavoring, and propylene glycol. 

You may be wondering, “what is propylene glycol?” The short answer is that propylene glycol is a common ingredient in thousands of food and pharmaceutical products. It keeps mixtures stable and helps food and drinks stay moist and fresh. Mistics contain propylene glycol to ensure that our vaping liquids are smooth, consistent, and enjoyable to use.

Propylene glycol is amazingly common

If you eat any processed foods at all, you’re virtually guaranteed to be consuming propylene glycol already. Businesses have been using it for more than 50 years to help create stable, enjoyable products. The FDA has approved propylene glycol for wide variety of uses in foods and pharmaceutical products.

Not only can you find propylene glycol in tons of food and drinks, but it’s also in many popular items at the pharmacy. It’s even used in inhalants like nasal sprays and asthma medications.

What is propylene glycol used for in e cigs?

Because propylene glycol helps stabilize liquids and produce vapor with a great texture, it helps provide a smooth vaping experience in electronic cigarettes.

So, what does propylene glycol do for Mistic E Cigs?

  • It evenly mixes flavor and nicotine throughout the vapor of your e cig
  • It ensures the flavoring is smooth and consistent
  • It allows the liquid to turn into vapor at a lower temperature
  • It keeps the liquid in your cartridges moist and fresh

Propylene glycol is such a versatile ingredient that you can find it in many consumer products, including bottled drinks, packaged foods, makeup, and common over-the-counter medications. In e cigs, it lowers the boiling point of the liquid—so you get a cooler vapor—and it’s also a safe way to mix the nicotine and flavoring well. In the end, Mistics contain propylene glycol to deliver consistently great taste and a perfect vaping experience for you.

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