What is Propylene Glycol Doing in My E Cig Liquid?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Aug 7, 2015, 4:13:00 PM

Why Is Propylene Glycol in E Cig Liquid

E cigs vaporize a syrupy liquid called e juice—creating a thick cloud of vapor with an even amount of nicotine and flavoring in each puff. To make the liquid smooth and enjoyable, e juice contains a common food and pharmaceutical ingredient - "PG". But what is propylene glycol?

Without PG, vaping wouldn’t really be possible. The e juice needs to vaporize at a comfortable temperature and keep the ingredients mixed in evenly. PG makes your e cig create a smooth vapor with a thick cloud and consistent flavor.

The FDA recognizes propylene glycol as a safe ingredient in foods, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Many ointments, nasal sprays, and other medications use PG. It’s also used as a preservative in food products. In beauty products, PG keeps the other ingredients humidified and mixed properly.

In e cigs, PG stabilizes the e liquid so you get the same flavor and nicotine concentration every time you vape. PG does not add a flavor or smell to e liquid—it just helps the other ingredients get vaporized with consistency, great taste and a satisfying cloud of vapor. 

High-Quality PG in Mistic E Cigs

We use pharmaceutical grade PG in all our HAUS and e cig liquids. Our US-made e liquid contain no other ingredients besides PG, water, nicotine and flavoring.

Our e juice ingredients are produced, formulated, and manufactured in North Carolina in a clean lab environment. We think it’s important that vapers know what ingredients are in their e cigs and where those ingredients come from. We’re proud to offer high-quality ingredients from US facilities and a production a process that we oversee ourselves.

Some e liquid uses vegetable glycerin (VG) instead of or in addition to PG. What's the difference between PG and VG in e juice? Vegetable Glycerin is a sweet additive made from processed soy or other plants. We choose to use PG in our e cig juice because it doesn't change the flavor and it produces a more satisfying vapor when you inhale.

Want to know more about your e cigs? Read our blog for more info about delicious, high-quality e liquid from Mistic and HAUS, and let us know if you ever have questions.

Go ahead. Try one of our fresh and satisfying vape juices!

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