What Is the Switch to Mistic Challenge?

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Jul 25, 2014 2:35:00 PM Comments

Take the Switch-to-Mistic Challenge

You may have noticed #Switch2Mistic pop up on social media or here on our site, but did you know that you can be a part of the Switch to Mistic Challenge?

We want to encourage adult smokers to try out our products instead of their usual tobacco products, so we're willing to give you everything you need to get started - for free.

You have many reasons to switch to e-cigs, and the Mistic Challenge gives you a boost to make the change.

As part of the challenge, we'll send you a FREE Basic Starter Kit and a 60-day supply of refill cartridges.

For the Switch2Mistic Challenge, all you have to do is commit to using Mistic products instead of tobacco cigarettes for 60 days.

We also ask you to share a your experience with others so other smokers can see what it’s like to make the switch. Watch Stephanie share her experience:

How the #Switch2Mistic Challenge Works:

  • Fill out a short questionnaire that simply asks how long you’ve been smoking and why you want to make the switch to e-cigs.
  • Enter your shipping info and receive the free Mistic electronic cigarettes in the mail (your choice—traditional tobacco flavor or menthol).
  • Smile! Post a photo on social media with the hashtag #Switch2Mistic.
  • Update us on Facebook about your e-cig experience and use #Switch2Mistic in your social media posts about your switch to vaping.

That’s all you need to do—get a starter kit and commit to 60 days without tobacco, and then let us know how you’re enjoying the Mistic lifestyle.

Why Make the Switch?

The Mistic Challenge is about so much more than Mistic—it's about you, your friends and family, your wallet, and your freedom.

When you commit to 60 days of Mistic products instead of tobacco, you’ll instantly notice some of the huge benefits of switching to e-cigs:

  • E-cig vapor has no offensive odor.
  • No smell gets left on your body and clothes.
  • No secondhand smoke bothering family, friends, or coworkers.

In the long run, you have even more reasons to switch: Mistic e-cigs cost less than tobacco products—you can save hundreds of dollars or more every year. No searching around for "smoker's stations" in public, stinking up the trash at home, or worrying about yellowed teeth and fingertips.

With the Mistic Challenge, you’ll start out with your choice of menthol or traditional tobacco-flavored electronic cigarettes.

The nicotine level will be similar to regular cigarettes and the flavor will be enjoyable and familiar. Later, you can customize your vaping experience with different nicotine levels and flavors. 

What’s most important is that you experience the benefits of making the #Switch2Mistic and share your story so others can be inspired by you.

Get started today...

Take the Mistic Challenge!

Check back here for more information, news, sales and promotions of Mistic products, or subscribe to our email list. You can get in touch with us in the comments below, or via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, or Google+. We’d love to hear from you!

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