What Makes Craft Collection Mod Kits Different?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on May 27, 2016, 5:04:52 PM

What Makes Craft Collection Mods Different?

As a company, Mistic has never been afraid of bucking the trend. We’re an independently owned e cig company, with products made right here in the US. Unlike large, faceless multinational corporations who are driven only by profit, we’re invested in our customers and in creating the highest quality vaping experience possible.

Quality matters to us, from our customer service to the ingredients in our e juices and the components of our e cig cartridges, PVs, and starter kits. This attention to detail extends to our HAUS Craft Collection mod kits as well, which is why they stand out from the competition. If you’re thinking of trying one out, here are a few more reasons to consider switching.

Easy to Use

We don’t make you jump through hoops to enjoy this vape mod kit. Widely regarded as the best on the market, the Craft Collection Sub Ohm Mod Kit is built for use right out of the package. The sleek, streamlined design pairs good looks with convenient portability. Store it in your purse or pocket easily for quick vape breaks at work or home. The clear on/off control helps you ensure that the kit is ready only when you need it.


Each kit contains a high-powered 30 watt milliamp lithium-ion mod battery and USB charger for power that stays all through the day. Don’t worry about having to waste time switching out batteries or being tethered to your adapter cord. You’ll have plenty of battery left to relax after a day on the road or running errands. With our Craft Collection mods, you won’t have to rush home just to charge up.

Vape to Taste

The sub ohm tank with 0.3 ohms of resistance offers more vaping control for an experience that is personalized to your own needs and taste. No more frustration with underpowered PVs or mod kits. You get a satisfying draw and steady, dependable performance, so you can savor a relaxing break from the daily routine whenever you need it.

Flavorful Freedom

Our mod kits won’t interfere with your ability to enjoy any one (or more) of our signature e juice flavors. Stick with our HAUS classics, like sweet Washington Red and rich Java coffe e juice. Or explore new taste frontiers with the Brazilian Amazon-inspired UNBROKEN vape juice line or the decadent flavors of our Craft Collection e juices.

Vape better with Mistic. Our Craft Collection mods deliver accessibility, power, and a personalized vaping experience in one package. Find them at your local retail supplier or order through our online store, where you can browse other Mistic products and take advantage of our exciting deals.


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