What Vape Juice Flavors Are Available in the New UNBROKEN Line?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on May 26, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Vape Juice Flavors in the New UNBROKEN Line

Mistic offers all types of flavors through the HAUS vape juice catalog, from Menthol Citrus to the Craft Collection Shadow Cut tobacco flavor. These e liquids are modeled after classic desserts, fresh fruits, cocktails, and tobacco products to fit your tastes for a satisfying, familiar vape. But when you’re looking for something a little more out of the box, our UNBROKEN premium e juices are perfect!

For our UNBROKEN line, we searched the world for the most unique fruit flavors and found exactly what we were looking for in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. These 5 unique vape juices bring those exotic tastes to you.

Let’s take a look at each UNBROKEN vape juice:

Root: derived from the Jabuticaba fruit of southeast Brazil, Root has a strong grape-like flavor for a thick and fruity vape.

Haven: derived from the Guaraná fruit of the Northern Amazon, Haven has a slightly sour, exotic flavor. 

Aurora: derived from the Carambola fruit (starfruit) of Northeastern Brazil, Aurora has a sweet, tart flavor that has been compared to a mix of apple, pear, grape, and caramel.

Rain: derived from the Cupuacu fruit of the Northern Amazon, Rain has a unique pear-like flavor with hints of chocolate and menthol.

Raw: derived from the Pitanga fruit of the coastal region of Brazil, Raw has a sharp, cherry-like taste.

All five flavors contain a 50/50 ratio of VG/PG, and they don’t contain Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl. They come in various nicotine concentrations to suit your vape: 0mg/ml, 4mg/ml, 8mg/ml and 16mg/ml.

Each 0.24 ounce glass bottle of UNBROKEN vape juice sells for just $9.99 so you can enjoy these all-natural flavors without digging too deep into your pocket!

Give UNBROKEN vape juices a try in your HAUS vape pen or Craft Collection Sub-Ohm Mod for refreshing new additions to your e liquid collection. You can even blend them with your other flavors for an exotic twist!

Just visit our online store to pick out your favorite.


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