When Are the Best Cigarettes Not Cigarettes?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Nov 10, 2014 4:07:00 PM

best cigarettes might not be cigarettes

Millions of smokers haven't been able to agree on which company makes the best cigarettes. One reason for that? They’re pretty much all the same.

Sure, there are different tastes. Some have a stronger throat hit, and some burn slower or faster. Some are menthol. But they all leave you with the same smoke smell and a lot of wasted money.

Still, most smokers are fiercely loyal to their brands — the best cigarette is really just the one you are used to. Instead, why not keep an open mind and make the best choice for you, even if it's a totally new solution?

The best cigarettes deliver everything you love about smoking, but nothing you don’t. That’s what makes e-cigs better than any tobacco cigarette.

Smokers CAN agree on what makes the best experience:

  • Lower cost
  • Rich, satisfying taste
  • Enjoy in lots of places
  • No secondhand smoke
  • No lingering smell

That’s exactly what you get with electronic cigarettes!

Still have doubts about e-cigs? You owe it to yourself to explore the option. Especially considering that Mistic e-cigs save you a ton of money - they cost the equivalent of about $1 per pack.

When you switch to e-cigs, you say goodbye to the smell and stains of tobacco. No more stepping outside for every single cigarette break. No more bothering your friends and family.

What don’t you lose when you switch from smoking to vaping? Flavor and satisfaction. Mistic e-cigs produce a thick, tasty vapor. You can choose from tobacco, menthol, and other flavors, available in a range of nicotine levels so you have even more control.

The best cigarettes aren’t cigarettes at all, but you won’t worry about that once you give Mistic a try. These e-cigs are not just better than other e-cigs, they’re better than regular smokes. E-cigs have come a long way since they were first introduced years ago, and Mistic is at the forefront of offering the best taste at the lowest price.

The best cigarettes don’t have to cost you a fortune every time you run to the store: Mistic e-cigs save a pack-a-day smoker thousands of dollars a year.

Every smoker wants the best cigarettes - they just aren't tobacco cigarettes.

Give Mistic e-cigs a chance and discover what you’ve been missing!


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