When Is It Time to Clean Your Vape Pen Tank?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Aug 19, 2015 10:17:00 AM

How to know when Is It time to clean your vape pen tank

Just like you need to keep your coffee maker cleaned to get the best flavor, you should be cleaning your vape pen tank once in a while.

Over time, e juice leaves behind a tiny bit of residue. The water content evaporates a little, and the flavoring and propylene glycol can slowly build up.

Cleaning your vaporizer tank has several important benefits:

  • Better flavor, especially if you change e juice flavors
  • Smooth, pure vapor
  • Longer-lasting coil and wick
  • Less overheating, which protects the battery

When to Clean Your Vaporizer Tank

You don't need to clean your tank after every use, but it doesn’t hurt! For the best vape and true flavors, rinse or swab the tank each time you refill. When you refill with the same flavor, you might only need to clean out the tank about every other time.

Otherwise, it’s definitely time to clean your tank if you see gunk and residue—or if you just aren’t getting the right flavor or as much volume of vapor as you normally do.

Another sign the tank needs cleaning: a bubbling or gurgling noise when you inhale. This means some liquid likely got inside the inner tank or the coil head.

If the tank gets dirty again or continues to underperform after cleaning, you probably need to replace the tank. HAUS tanks are disposable and need to be replaced every three weeks or so.

How to Clean a HAUS Vaporizer Tank

HAUS tanks can be thoroughly cleaned with nothing but water and a cotton swab. For a deeper clean, you can use ethyl alcohol (if you’re over 21, you can use vodka or grain alcohol instead).

Here are the steps:

  • Remove the battery and unscrew the tank cap from the tank.
  • Carefully dispose of any leftover e juice.
  • Run the empty tank under clean water to rinse.
  • Optional: rinse or soak the tank and tank cap in ethyl alcohol. Don't use soaps or other cleaning agents. Rinse with water again after this step.
  • To dry the tank: shake out excess water, wipe it down with a dry cotton swab, and leave to air-dry until there's no moisture left.
  • Gently wipe the battery with a cotton swab. You can dip the swab in ethyl alcohol if needed. If you use alcohol, wipe it with a dry swab afterward.
  • That’s it! Just avoid hand soap, dish detergent, and other cleaners.

Before re-assembling your vaporizer tank, make sure all parts are dry and clean. Refill, screw everything back together, and let the e juice soak into the wick for a few minutes before vaping.

A little bit of maintenance helps make sure that you get a rich, tasty vape with every puff, every time. You’ll enjoy better performance and longer life from your HAUS if you show it a little love.

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