Where Can I Buy Mistic E-Cig Batteries?

Posted by Mistic Electronic Cigarettes on May 31, 2013, 10:13:00 AM

E Cig Batteries

The Mistic Customer Service Team gets this question a lot, and we have an easy answer – lots of places!

The most complete selections of Mistic products are available in our online store and in numerous stores nationwide.

All of our products are available in our online store, including the two starter packs containing batteries:

The Mistic Basic Starter Kit

1 battery, 2 cartridges, and 1 USB charger for $14.99

The Mistic 3 Deluxe Starter Kit

2 batteries, 3 cartridges, 1 USB charger, and 1 swivel wall charger for $29.99

Walmarts across the country also carry the full Mistic line.

Once you have a battery or two, all you need is refill cartridges, which can be as cheap as $2 each if you buy the 10-packs at Walmart! 

A number of convenience store chains also carry Mistic e cigs. Their selections vary, so check with your local Pilot, Weis, and CEFCO stores for their selections, and let them know if they are not carrying something you’d like to buy!

We’ll be announcing more retail partners in the future, so keep an eye out for more locations near you coming soon!

And don't forget to recycle those batteries!

What other questions would you like to have answered? The Mistic Customer Service Team is here for you.

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