Which Stores Carry Mistic's Vape Mods?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Apr 13, 2016 9:36:05 AM

Which Stores Carry Mistic Vape Mods?

When you want more freedom and flexibility in your vaping experience, mods are the perfect solution. Where a freshly brewed cup of coffee is normally reserved for the morning and a cold one is savored after work, vape mods don’t restrict you to a particular schedule. They can be enjoyed—and even purchased—around the clock, so that you can vape whenever the mood strikes.

If you’re interested in buying Mistic's HAUS vape pen or mod for yourself or a friend, you can find our products in over 66,000 locations across the US. No matter where you are, you’ll always find a store nearby with hours that suit even the busiest schedules.

1. Walmart and Walmart Express

It’s always disappointing to realize that you’ve sat on your PV and accidentally cracked the tank in your pocket. To make matters worse, all of the local specialty shops are already closed for the evening. Where can you go?

Luckily, Walmart and Walmart Express are nearby, day or night. With thousands of locations and many stores open 24 hours a day, Walmart carries a wide range of Mistic products, including mod kits, e juices, and accessories. This means that you can replace your mod and stock up on a new delectable vape juice no matter what time it is.  

2. CEFCO and Speedway 

Located throughout most metropolitan areas, as well as along many interstate highways, Speedway and CEFCO make vaping more convenient anywhere you are in the country. Whether you’re driving to work early in the morning, traveling for business, or on your way to a sunny vacation destination, you can fill up on gas and purchase a vape pen without having to make a second trip.

3. Bi-Lo, Rite-Aid, and Winn-Dixie

Some people need to start their day with a hot beverage. Many vapers prefer to begin the morning with a flavorful vape. If you’re one of those early birds who wants a bolder vaping experience, you can now purchase an advanced mod at Bi-Lo, Rite-Aid, and Winn-Dixie, where the doors open early. Whether it’s a weekday or the weekend, you can get in and out with your new mod in no time. 

If you constantly asking yourself "are there any e cig stores near me?" visit our store locator page frequently. We are always adding new retail locations. Of course, all of our products are also available in the online Mistic e cig online store... no driving required, we'll bring it to you!

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