Why Choose an American-Made E Cig?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jul 11, 2016 4:48:24 PM

Why Choose an American-Made E Cig?

“Made in America”—it has a nice ring to it, right? That’s because trusted American-made products (like our e cig cartridges and e juices) aren’t put together in mysterious places all over the world. They’re made and assembled in facilities right here in the USA! 

We’ve worked with manufacturers and distributors (like Walmart) for years, building up trust with those people so that we’re confident that you get the best-value e cig in the biz.

With most online vape stores, it’s hard to tell where the company is located, let alone where the products are made. We’re happy to talk about those things—our headquarters are in Charlotte, North Carolina, and most of our production is close enough for us to drive over and have a look.

E juice production, product assembly, packaging, and the filling of all e liquids are performed in a manufacturing facility in Greenville, North Carolina. It’s important to us that as much as possible is done in our own backyard, so we can oversee the entire process and stop by any time to admire the creation of our high quality e juices.

Check out the process for yourself:



We made the move to a company called Purilum for production in 2014 because we wanted to make sure we got the purest, freshest ingredients for our consumers, and all of the company’s e cig and vape juice ingredients are traceable to the raw materials. We also wanted to set an example for other vape companies that get their e juice from overseas, where quality can be harder to control. By doing this, we hoped (as we still do) to push our industry toward new standards of quality, so that all vapers can get high-quality products.

Not only have we kept our e cigs American-made—we’ve also stayed completely independent. Unlike many of our competitors, Mistic is not owned or operated by a tobacco company! Because of this, we’re able to control who we do business with, and we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction by keeping our production process streamlined and here in our home country.  

To order one of our American-made e cigs, check out our online store! 

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