Why Is Mistic the Best Electronic Cigarette?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Mar 10, 2015, 12:30:00 AM

Why Mistic is the best electronic cigarette

As smokers, we all had different opinions about our favorite brands. Now that everybody is switching to e cigs, it’s time to figure out where to find the best electronic cigarette.

Here at Mistic we make our e cigs with the simple goal: “Best Taste, Best Value.” After all, electronic cigarettes should be delicious and satisfying — and a great low price always helps!

Here’s why everyone should try Mistic e cigs:

  • We’re committed to making premium e cigs affordable for everyone.
  • We use long-lasting batteries and advanced technology for a consistent, smooth vapor.
  • We offer tobacco and menthol flavors in a variety of nicotine levels.
  • You can buy Mistic e cigs online and in over 66,000 stores!

The Best Electronic Cigarette for Your Money

Switching to electronic cigarettes will definitely save you money over traditional cigarettes — but Mistic makes sure you keep even more money in your pockets.

With Mistic, the more the buy, the more you save! Our 5-pack e cig cartridge refills are only $14.99 online. Each cartridge is like 2 packs of cigarettes, so a 5-pack is equivalent to a carton of smokes. That’s right: You’re basically paying $1.50 instead of spending $6 or more on cigarettes.

Save even more when you pick up a 10-pack of cartridges at Walmart or stock up with big bundles in the online store! The super low prices are just one reason why Mistic is the best electronic cigarette.

High-Quality E Liquid, Made in the USA

Why have so many former smokers decided that Mistic is the best electronic cigarette for great taste and authentic flavor? We use premium technology and the highest quality e liquid.

All e juice in Mistic products are made in America using simple, easy-to-understand ingredients. We only use nicotine, flavoring, water, and a common preservative.

Mistic offers a wide range of flavors for an amazing electronic cigarette taste:

  • Traditional tobacco and menthol flavors — classic and satisfying
  • American Blend (premium tobacco) and Cool Ice (fresh mint) — rich, robust flavors
  • Nicotine choices of 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4%, or a nicotine-free 0% option

No matter what kind of cigarettes you used to prefer, Mistic e cigs will surprise and amaze you with a smooth, rich taste.

Easy to Shop — Online and In Stores

Finding your favorite e cigs should be easy and convenient. What good is the best electronic cigarette if you don't know where to find it?

Mistic products are sold at Walmart stores nationwide and thousands of other retailers. Pick up your e cigs while you’re at the grocery store or gas station, so you never have to make a special trip.

We also sell everything we make in the Mistic online store — all our flavors, all the accessories — and you can often score huge discounts with a coupon code.

Sound like the best electronic cigarette choice for you? We thought so!

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