Why Tobacco E Juice Tastes Different Than a Cigarette

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Feb 24, 2015, 5:32:00 PM

tobacco e juice

One of the first questions smokers have about vaping is whether it tastes like regular cigarettes. The short answer: Yes, you can get wonderful tobacco flavor from an e cig or personal vaporizer!

However, tobacco e juice tastes like premium tobacco — which isn’t the same thing as tasting like cigarettes — and that’s a very good thing.

Consider that cigarettes have exponentially more ingredients than e liquid. Smoking also means burning the cigarette to ash. Cigarettes taste like plenty of other things besides tobacco. Want to know why tobacco e juice tastes a little different than cigarettes?

Here’s why: 

It’s vaporized, not burnt: Tobacco e juice is made to taste like actual tobacco, not smoke. Your e cig or PV heats the liquid just enough to vaporize it — not burn it to smithereens.

The familiar taste of traditional cigarettes has a lot to do with the burnt taste and smell of fire and ash. You won’t miss that dry, burnt taste of cigarettes after switching to e cigs or PVs

No paper, no filter: When you light a cigarette, you’re also setting fire to the paper and inhaling through a filter made of chemical-treated cellulose. These extra materials affect the way cigarettes taste. Tobacco e liquid keeps it simple with a pure flavor.

No additives: Most regular cigarettes use tobacco that has been treated with hundreds or thousands of added chemicals. That's why cigarette flavor comes from much more than just tobacco leaves.

Mistic and HAUS products use tobacco e juice that contains only four ingredients: nicotine, water, flavoring, and one preservative that keeps the flavor consistent. No unnecessary additives means nothing stands between you and the robust tobacco flavor.

Your taste buds change: Most people notice that food and drinks taste better after they stop smoking. Spicy foods become spicier, sweet foods get sweeter. You might regain your sense of smell, too, and that affects how you taste things.

In other words, everything tastes different when you no longer have smoke affecting your taste buds. You may feel like tobacco e cigarette e juice tastes different than cigarettes because you’re surprised to discover what fresh tobacco flavor actually tastes like!

Mistic uses premium e cigarette e liquids that give you plenty of great options! Plus, they're made right here in the USA for all our e cigs and HAUS personal vaporizer products. They don't taste exactly like cigarettes — because we’re all about rich, smooth tobacco flavor that’s actually superior to the taste of cigarettes.

Don't believe us? Try our Tobacco flavor for yourself! 


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