Why Tobacco Flavored E Cigs Taste Different Than Cigarettes

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jul 22, 2015, 4:52:00 PM

Why Tobacco FlavoredE cigs Taste Different Than Cig

What did you first notice when you puffed on an e cig? When just getting started, a lot of smokers focus on the differences between e cigs and traditional cigarettes. That’s natural. In fact, we think you'll notice that Mistics do taste different—our e cigs have a premium flavor that actually tastes better than regular cigarettes.

E cigs come in tobacco and menthol flavors, and they’re designed to deliver nicotine and hit your throat very similarly to smoking. The biggest difference: tobacco flavored e cigs have a clean, pure tobacco flavor without the burnt taste and extra chemicals found in regular cigarettes.

E Cigs: Tobacco Flavor, Not Smoke Flavor!

E cigs have a better taste than cigarettes for two reasons:

  • The liquid vaporizes it doesn’t turn to smoke and ash.
  • The liquid only contains tobacco flavoring, nicotine, water, and one compound (PG) that keeps the vapor smooth. E cig liquid doesn't contain the hundreds of other additives found in most cigarettes.

When you light a combustible cigarette, the tobacco leaves (and the paper) burn to cinders. Smokers are accustomed to that taste, but it doesn’t mean it’s the best flavor possible.

You’ll notice that your Mistic e cigs have the robust, sweet and spicy flavor of actual tobacco leaves. The flavor is a lot like traditional cigarettes, but without the burnt aftertaste.

Our tobacco e cigs are available in traditional tobacco and our special American Blend. Our master flavorists have worked hard to create a delicious, authentic tobacco flavor. Your e cig vapor will have a faint aroma of fresh tobacco leaves, and every puff should have the rich, satisfying flavor of premium tobacco.

If you’ve ever tried to switch brands of traditional cigarettes, you probably noticed a difference in taste. Perhaps you went back to the old brand as soon as you finished the first pack of the new brand.

With vaping, give yourself a chance! Put your smokes away and use your e cigs only for at least a few days. The flavor of Mistic e cigs will win you over. Without the burnt taste of cigarettes, you may just realize that you love the taste of tobacco and not smoke.  

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