Wondering If Vaping Is Right for You? Take This Quiz

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Sep 4, 2015, 1:07:00 PM


Think vaping is for somebody else, but maybe not for you? Take a fresh look at your options—vaping offers tons of benefits for all smokers.

Our HAUS personal vaporizer and e cigs cost less, taste better, and are so much more convenient in the modern world.

Ask yourself these questions and see if it’s time for you to switch from tobacco to e cigs, or onto a personal vaporizer for even more control and options.

How Much Money Do You Spend on Smoking?

Of course you’d like to spend less—but do you realize how much money you can save vaping instead of smoking? Even in states with low cigarette prices, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year. 

What Do You Miss out on Because of Smoke Breaks?

If you frequently excuse yourself from the room to smoke, you miss out on fun and important moments with friends and family. Vaping helps you spend more time doing the important things and less time stepping out for a break.

Do You Work with Non-Smokers?

Coworkers may never say anything about your smoking habit, but they definitely notice. Non-smokers can smell the stench of cigarettes from across a room. You can get along better with coworkers and have more confidence to breathe and smile. 

Who knows? Vaping might even help you make a big sale or get a promotion—because you don’t have a smoke cloud hanging over you.

Do You Carry Around Tons of Breath Fresheners?

Vaping liquid has nicotine, but vaping does not stain your fingertips and teeth the way smoking does. If you're constantly washing your hands and trying desperately to cover up smoker's breath, why not just vape instead?

Do You Like E Cigs but Wish You Could Recharge Less?

Some people try e cigs but go back to smoking when the battery dies or they run out of cartridges. If you’d like to vape with longer battery life and a big tank of e juice, you'll probably prefer a personal vaporizer like HAUS over e cigs.

Want Flavor Choices Besides Tobacco and Menthol?

Vaping with a refillable tank lets you enjoy a wide variety of flavors. HAUS e liquid flavors include delicious options like coffee, vanilla, and cherry. You can switch back and forth between tobacco or menthol and a favorite gourmet flavor—just change the tank or refill with a new e juice.

Finally, just ask yourself one question: are you tired of smoking and want something cheaper, better tasting, and more convenient? 

If you answered yes, don't wait—now's the time to make the switch!

Make the Switch Today!

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