You Should Care How Your E Juice Ingredients are Produced

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Mar 17, 2015, 8:38:00 AM

How are e juice ingredients produced

Before your next puff, take a moment to think about your e juice. Do you know what’s in it and how it gets made?

Better e juice ingredients give you better taste and quality. Plus, our HAUS premium vape juices and e cigarette liquids give you optionsmany of them! From blending together the most delicious flavors to filling up the cartridges and bottles with scientific precision, it all takes hard work.

Some companies that sell e juice can’t even tell you where their ingredients come from or how the liquid gets bottled. Do yourself a favor and insist on knowing the facts.

How Mistic Ensures the Highest Quality E Juice

Tons of other e juice brands come from around the world. In some cases, mom and pop vaping shops may not even know what is in their juices.

Mistic and HAUS e juices are all made in the USA—close to our company headquarters in North Carolina. Our CEO can personally check in on the production process at any time. Afterall, he vapes his own product too! This is just one of the reasons to start vaping with a trusted company!  

We’re proud of our e juice ingredients, and you can feel good about that.

Locally Made E Juice from State-of-the-Art Facilities

Mistic oversees our entire production process in North Carolina. That’s right—our premium quality e juice ingredients are produced, filled, and packaged in the USA.  

It all starts with premium e juice flavors from Purilum, a premier “flavorist” in Greenville. All their e liquid ingredients are traceable down to the raw materials.

After the cartridges and bottles get filled, the final packaging takes place in Charlotte. 

By keeping everything local and streamlined, Mistic can keep an eye on everything to guarantee the best taste and best quality in every product. Amazingly clean facilities and rigorous testing make sure that every Mistic e cig and HAUS e juice bottle contains the finest ingredients with no impurities. You can even watch a video of our pristine production facilities to learn more.

You can count on the best e juice ingredients from Mistic, because you know exactly where our e juice comes from.

Don't wait—try one or all of our flavorful e juices today!

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